Designing & Implementing Integrated HR Systems & Other HR Services
Designing & Implementing
Integrated HR Systems
We give you the complete package from
Designing to implementing Integrated HR
Policies & systems.
  Mission, Vision & Values
  Organisation Structure
  Role & Responsibilities
  Code of Conduct
  Recruitment Procedure
  Employee Referral Scheme
  Induction Scheme
  Performance Management System
  Career Growth & Succession Plan
  Reward Systems
  Performance linked Salary Structure
  Employee Engagement
  Competency Mapping
  Total Employee Involvement (TEI) Tools
  Training & Development System
  Mentoring Scheme
  Team Building Mechanism
  Leave & Attendance
  Relocation / Transfer Policy
  Travel Policy
  Management Communication to Employees
  Productive Employee Welfare
  Exit Interview
  Full & Final Settlement Procedure
  Delegation of Authority for HR Systems
  HR Manual (Compiling all HR Policies & Systems)
Other HR Services
I. Coaching for HR Professionals
Dr. R. K. Sahu, our HR Expert & Trainer provides Coaching (One to one Personalized Training) on mutually convenient time at Delhi.
II. Organisational Diagnostic Studies
Study the organisational problems, identify the reasons, recommend solutions and provide implementation Support
III. Conducting Survey based studies.
1. Employee Satisfaction Survey
2. Climate Survey
3. Employee Engagement Survey
4. Executive Salary Survey
5. Workers Wage Survey
6. Workers Cost of Living Survey
IV. Manpower Audit
Assessment of existing Manpower against ideal Manpower requirement for right sizing and reshaping/reskilling it.
Broad Structure
1. Understanding long term & short term Business goals
2. Assess Business need based manpower requirement
3. Match existing Manpower against required Manpower
4. Identify gaps: Operations / Functions wise, Cadre wise, Level Wise & Skill Wise
5. Recommend Road Map for ways to right sizing / reshaping (reskilling) Manpower
6. Implementation Support
V. HR Audit & Installing HRD Systems
Conducting Audit of existing HR Processes & installing need based systems for Human Resource Development.
Broad Structure
1. Study the existing HR Policies & Practices and map their effectiveness
2. Identify the areas of improvements in HR policies & practices
3. Develop & Install need based systems of Human Resource Development
4. Monitor and review to maximize effectiveness of HRD Systems
VI. Retainership for HR Advisory Services
Organisation may engage us on year to year contract basis on a fixed monthly fee to strengthen their HR functions.
Broad Structure
Consultancy services on all HR functions such as Recruitment, Induction, Training & Development, Performance Management, Personnel Rules & Procedures, Employee Motivation & Reward Systems, Manpower Audit, Designing Salary Structure and so on.
Our Charges/ Your Investment; to be worked out with the Organization on assignment basis.
We make complex subjects simple to understand and easy to implement
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